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Commercial Remodeling in Northern California

A new retail or office space can improve your bottom line, but it doesn't mean you have to sell your current commercial space. Whether it's remodeling an office or changing the layout of a building, commercial remodeling allows you to refresh and renew old facility or adapt a design to a new business.

Commercial remodeling is more than hammering nails. Success is smart planning, exquisite execution, minimum downtime. Whether it is an office remodel, a new building, a restaurant renovation, vineyard expansion or turning a historical firehouse into a home, Castle Rock Construction is the answer for commercial construction projects.

Castle Rock Construction understands downtime. By carefully scheduling projects and delivering on-time and on-budget, a Castle Rock Construction project enhances a business and helps ensure its success in the future.

Since 1994, Castle Rock Construction has tackled such diverse projects as restaurant retrofits and vineyard remodeling.If a remodeling project propels a company to a higher level of employee productivity or heightens customer awareness, it is worth the investment. However, when remodeling occurs, a business is disrupted. If the disruption is not carefully planned and accommodated, profits can be adversely affected.

Once a contract is in hand, Castle Rock begins a comprehensive process that includes acquiring a building permit, placing a dumpster for debri, scheduling subs in a logical and sequential order that will have the least amount of impact on a business, and creating a schedule to allow the optimum ability to run and manage a business during the process. If the disruption is not carefully planned and accommodated, profits can be adversely affected. Castle Rock Construction understands downtime. Whether it is round-the-clock crews in to expedite a renovations or working after a business is closed for the day, Castle Rock carefully schedules project to deliver them on time and on-budget.

Tenant improvements, building maintenance, commercial remodeling

After years of use, retail and office space declines in both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Tenant improvements, office renovations, and ongoing maintenance are necessary to stay competitive in today's environment.

Using a well-planned schedule to lessen interruptions to a commercial site, Castle Rock Construction offers remodeling and improvements to offices, medical facilities, retail operations, schools, houses of worship, government facilities...any building that needs to remain in operation while undergoing work.

Building maintenance includes mold remediation, window repairs/replacement, siding/exterior replacement, roof repair, infrastructure repairs (plumbing/electrical/structural), water extraction, storm repair, fire/water/smoke damage restoration.

To learn more about how Jim Pitcher can help you with your next tenant improvement project, call 707.421.8924.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

In today’s economy, more and more people are choosing to remodel or build new homes. It’s a considerable investment—too large to be made without safeguards. You want the job done right and guarantees that materials and workmanship will pass the test of time.

We understand your concerns so we created our 5 Year Limited Warranty to help you identify Castle Rock Construction as one of the best contractors in Northern California.

The first year of the warranty covers faulty workmanship and materials of every nature. This is in addition to any manufacturers’ warranties. The first and second year warrant against faulty workmanship and materials for mechanical systems (wiring, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilation) and structural defects. Years three through five warrant against any major structural defects on the newly constructed portions of the home.

Our warranty program remains in force for a full five years, even if you sell your home. Be sure to tell any prospective buyers about this important protection, as it will enhance the value of your home.

We are here 24/7!

You will always have my cell phone. You won't ever have to worry about not being able to contact Castle Rock Construction's owner, Jim Pitcher. I'd rather take your call at midnight if you have a concern than have an unhappy client for whatever reason.

If it's important to you, it's important to me. Call me! Cell: 707.580.5541.


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Our weekly meetings helped us keep on track. I also appreciated the time Jim took to help us with our color choices. He is not only a contractor, but quite an artistic designer as well. Everyone was very courteous and knowledgeable. Very honorable company.The house looks great and it is the way we wanted it. The crew made the experience extremely manageable and friendly.-- LS

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